Pedal Power Training

Part of the Hampshire Schools Cycling Partnership



Pedal Power Training are at the forefront of BMX coaching on the South coast. We have 3 fully qualified British Cycling Level 2 BMX specific coaches on our team.

Lead coach, Darren Fells helped form Gosport BMX Club and now coaches there regularly.

With 5 years of BMX coaching experience under his belt, and having worked at the Olympic BMX test event and the Olympic Games in London as a Field of Play Team Leader,  you can be assured of a quality based BMX experience.

All 3 of us are also key volunteers at Gosport BMX club. Each Saturday we run training sessions at the BMX track on Grange Rd. For more details on the club and it's activities please click on this link


This workshop has been designed to give riders an insight to BMX racing. With BMX racing being a high speed, high action event at the 2012 games, we are able to give riders an intro session into how to race BMX, as well as learning fun new skills.

Using fully qualified BMX coaches we will teach riders techniques including Starting, Pedalling, Cornering, Jumping, as well as general BMX skills such as wheelies and bunny hops.

Riders will need to be fairly proficient in general bike riding before attempting this workshop, with this in mind we recommend a minimum age of 8 years old.

Each course will have at least 1 BMX coach, with 2 assistant riders. These assistants will do jumping demonstrations on ramps and on the flat ground, jumps, wheelies, manuals etc. Both riders have skills that will leave any young person gasping in awe at what they are seeing. During lunchtimes the demo riders will be on hand to do a 10/15 minute display for the other children in school to watch.

Session duration: 3 sessions in a school day, lasting approx 1.5 hours each. Two AM and one PM. Working with up to a maximum of 32 riders in session we will teach riders all the skills listed above. Riders will be split into 4 groups, then using the skills they have been taught, each team is given an Olympic country to represent. Riders are given points depending on what position they finish the races, with the winning team/country being awarded a winning certificate/medal.

Session equipment: Pedal Power Training will provide up to 16 BMX bikes and helmets for riders to use. Some sharing of bikes and helmets may be needed. (if a rider has his/her own bike, and is deemed safe by our staff. They can use their own). We will also supply all ramps, training aids and certificates. Riders will need to wear suitable PE clothing for this session.

Cost: Please contact us directly so we can tailor make your course according to your requirements and budget.

For more details, or if you have any questions on any of the above workshops/courses, please either drop us a line at or call 02392 290474.