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Balance Bikes

At Pedal Power Training we believe in getting children out and about on bikes as early as possible. The work we do at Gosport BMX club with bmx riders aged 4+, as well as the Bikeablity training in schools across Hampshire is now being complemented with Strider Balance Bikes.

We run weekly coaching sessions at the BMX track in Gosport every Saturday morning from 9.30am - 10.30am.

If you are an Infant/Junior school or playgroup who want to offer your children something new and fun, then we are able to offer you a tailormade coaching package including all the bikes, helmets, ramps and certificates for each rider. We can run 3 sessions in a school day with upto 16 children in each session.

For more details and to discuss how we can tailor make a course for you please contact us.

Benefits of Strider Kids Bikes | Strider Sports

“The Strider PREbike™ is a revolutionary new learning vehicle for 1-5 year old children. Besides providing great fun and exercise, the Strider Balance Bike also teaches steering, balance, and co-ordination and builds self-confidence. At only 6.9 pounds, the Strider PREbike™ weighs less than the average newborn baby!”

Balance bike, training bike, running bike, PREbike - The Strider PREbike™ has many descriptive names, but they all equal "great fun for one to five year old children!"

No Tricycles or Stabilisers!

As simple as it may appear *- no pedals, no chain or sprockets, no stabilisers – these kids bikes will quickly make a difference for your child and will quickly become the most important ‘toy’ you will ever purchase for your child.* No matter what description you choose to give the Strider PREbike™, it is most of all an amazing educational vehicle.

The adjustable seat height starts at 11 inches to accommodate the shortest of new riders (about 30 inches tall) and extends to 16 inches (in any increment) to allow the Strider Balance Bike to grow with the child. And we also offer an optional seat with a longer post for taller children. Durable Design

With its durable steel frame and foam-filled, puncture-proof tyres, a Strider PREbike™ is capable of handling off-road ventures into grass, dirt, gravel, and even mud puddles! Kids and parents will no longer be limited to paved walkways for their outdoor adventures!

A curious child, without any adult instruction, will instinctively know to straddle his or her Strider Training Bike and immediately begin the learning process.

The bike’s low seat height allows the child to plant both feet firmly on the ground, feeling safe and secure and providing both confidence and control. Co-ordination, motor skills, balance, and strength will all steadily improve as the child continues to experiment with the Strider Balance Bike.

In a few short weeks, even the youngest riders will learn to steer and balance their Strider PREbike™, lift it over obstacles, and move along varied terrain.

At this point, the Strider Balance Bike will become a ‘running bike’ as the youngster learns to take longer and longer strides for greater speed.

Due to the Strider PREbike™ *puncture-proof, foam tyres and super light weight*, it can go over any terrain-rocks, grass, logs, etc. - not just a paved bike path. The Strider Balance Bike can be ridden in the garden, on the bike path, in the woods, virtually anywhere you walk!

Once accomplished on the Strider PREbike™, your child will be confident on hills, forest trails, even doing small jumps.

Fun Family Fitness!

The Strider PREbike™ will turn family outings from drudgery to *Total Family Fun! No longer will you have to wait for a dawdling toddler!* With the Strider PREbike™ you are guaranteed a brisk walk and often a jog. In fact, your Strider Balance Bike rider may often ride circles around you.

The Strider Training Bike is more than just a teaching tool. Long after your child has learned to ride a bicycle (sometimes within just a few weeks) he or she will still turn to the Strider PREbike™ for sheer fun!

Strider PREbike™ Science

At this young age, bicycles are simply too tall, too heavy, and too complex for youngsters to feel any sense of control.

Tricycles tip over, scrape ankles, and have terrible pedal leverage ratios. Bicycles with stabilisers are awkward, and can be downright scary for really young riders. Both have great potential for injury. Not true with the Strider Balance Bike.

We have done our best to make the Strider Balance Bike as safe as possible by getting rid of chains, cables, sprockets, pedals, and most of the protrusions that can cause pain. The low center of gravity, light weight, and unique optional foot brake all combine to make the Strider PREbike™ a safe machine.

True safety, however, depends on the proper training of the rider and the vigilance of the parents. As with all two wheelers, riders of the Strider Balance Bike should learn the importance of protective clothing. We recommend a properly fitted helmet, and full coverage shoes at the minimum.

With just a little care, the Strider Balance Bike will serve several small riders in their quest for freedom on their own two-wheeler.